Steering Committee


 Yami Bolanos, President of GLACA’s Steering Committe; GLACA Board Member

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Barry Kramer

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Brennan Thicke

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Don Duncan, GLACA Board Member

Don Duncan is a twelve-year veteran in the field of the medical cannabis. He has opened some of the most prestigious and respected medical cannabis patients’ collectives in the state, including the Cannabis Buyers Cooperative of Berkeley, Berkeley Patients Group, Los Angeles Patients and Caregivers Group (West Hollywood), California Patients Group (Los Angeles), and Desert Organic Solutions Collective (Palm Springs). He has also consulted in the establishment of numerous legal cooperatives and collectives in California. His innovations in organization and operations have helped to define the contemporary landscape for safe access in California.

Mr. Duncan is a co-founder and California Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the nation’s leading medical cannabis patients’ advocacy organization. He works with lawmakers at all level of government to remove barriers to access to medical cannabis and expand patients’ rights. Mr. Duncan has played a leading role in the efforts to adopt legislation to protect and expand patients rights, and to preserve and better regulate medical cannabis cultivation and provision in California since 2008. He trains patients and other stakeholders and coordinates ASA’s state campaign. Mr. Duncan is featured in prestigious media, including 60 Minutes, Dan rather Reports, Retirement Living TV, the Los Angeles Times, and more. He is a leading consultant in the field of medical cannabis.

Contact Mr. Duncan at or call his assistant Shane during regular buisness hours at (323) 882-6033.


Aaron  Justis, GLACA Steering Committee

Aaron Justis has developed one of the most dynamic business models for cannabis facilities in existent. This is a nonprofit base, which supports a platform of cultivation, combined with a strong commitment to activism and best practices.

Mr. Justis has championed these best practices at national forums and around the world. He sits on the steering committee for the nation’s oldest continuously operating trade association for cannabis facilities, the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA) and is part of the Americans for Safe Access Los Angeles Advisory Committee. He was also recently nominated to the National cannabis Industry associations, board of directors.

Mr Justis is the President of Buds & Roses Collective, one of the first, and most highly regarded cannabis facilities in Los Angeles. Aaron and his team have earned the distinction of having the best cannabis in the country, winning the most High Times Cannabis Cup awards in the US, winning 19 times in the last two and half years.


Kenny Morrison, GLACA Steering Committee

In 2006, Kenny Morrison co-founded The Farmacy Venice and The Farmacy Westwood in Los Angeles, California. Combining his knowledge of cannabis and communications, The Farmacy stores positioned cannabis in its rightful place within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) phamacopoeia, with licensed herbalists and acupuncturists presiding over a wide array of plant-based herbs and other remedies to be compounded according to your personal needs. As the medical cannabis industry bloomed, Morrison founded The Venice Cookie Company; a leading manufacturer of infused products since 2008. More can be found at and




 Sam Humeid, GLACA Steering Committee

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Eddie Neuneubel, GLACA Steering Committee

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sarah group 2

Sarah Armstrong, GLACA’s Director of Legal and Political Outreach

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